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The Resource Guide New Parents Should Keep in Their Back Pocket
As a postpartum doula, it’s my job and privilege to support new parents when they’re at their most vulnerable. Here’s a quick rundown of the alphabet soup of lactation designations you may come across: CLE: Certified Lactation EducatorCertified Lactation Educator CLS: Certified Lactation SpecialistCertified Lactation Specialist CLC: Certified Lactation Counselor Each of the above designations represents at least 45 hours of lactation education, followed by an exam. IBCLC: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant This level signifies at least 90 hours of lactation education, along with a comprehensive exam. Postpartum doula Obviously, as a postpartum doula myself, I am biased when I say the following, but I believe it to be 100 percent true: Every family can benefit from having a postpartum doula. To find a certified postpartum doula in your area, check out DONA International’s nationwide listings.
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