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Reading Minds
Dunbar says he didn’t know what to say because, at the time, he had no idea what this common learning disability was. People with dyslexia struggle with vocabulary, and they struggle with reading comprehension.”In addition, while dyslexia specifically affects reading, the condition influences the ability to process information in many other areas. “You don’t necessarily associate math and reading, but kids have to do math word problems,” Horowitz says. “There’s math and reading and note-taking and summarizing and graphing and charting, so individuals with dyslexia are often not just challenged in the area of reading but in how reading affects their abilities to do other kinds of things, such as going shopping, reading a label, picking out the ingredients for a recipe, or filling out a college application and reading between the lines about what they’re really asking you to write about in your essay. “So they’ll create a distraction, such as knocking over their desk, or they’ll do something to get disciplined to avoid having to read,” Horowitz says.
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