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Have You Tried the Hottest Food Trend of 2019?
365 Everyday Value Organic Southwest Jalapeño Ranch Pretzel PiecesThink of these crunchy sourdough pretzels like jalapeño poppers in crunchy bite-sized packable, snackable form. 365 Everyday Value Aji Amarillo KetchupDried aji amarillos, medium-hot yellow peppers common in Peruvian cooking, add kick to this condiment. 365 Everyday Value Spicy Pimento Cheese Potato ChipsThese tangy-sweet red peppers star in a classic Southern spread. 365 Everyday Value Jalapeño Cheddar PopcornPopcorn is good. But how about salted popcorn dusted in real cheddar cheese and lightly spicy jalapeño peppers?
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