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H3Africa: Fostering Collaboration
They also serve as co-principal investigators in the H3Africa’s Kidney Disease Research Network. For two physicians who have dedicated their careers to reducing the high rate of chronic kidney disease in West Africa, that’s been tough. With opportunities for advanced scientific training extremely scarce in West Africa, Burke suggested that they look for a program overseas. Reference:[1] Human Heredity and Health (H3) in Africa Kidney Disease Research Network: A Focus on Methods in Sub-Saharan Africa. Osafo C, Raji YR, Burke D3, Tayo BO, Tiffin N, Moxey-Mims MM6, Rasooly RS,, Kimmel PL, Ojo A, Adu D, Parekh RS; H3Africa Kidney Disease Research Network Investigators as members of The H3Africa Consortium.
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