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CDC COVID-19 Global Response
CDC’s activities are designed to enhance COVID-19 response capabilities and simultaneously continue to build longer-term, sustainable capacity for response to highly communicable diseases in the future. Examples of CDC’s COVID-19 response activities to date include:Support response coordination: In Sierra Leone, CDC has supported adaptation of a system for electronic data capture in the field (case investigation, contact monitoring, etc.). Support for laboratory testing: In Malawi, CDC provided technical support for setting up a COVID-19 testing lab, helped to identify CDC-supported HIV labs for additional COVID-19 testing, and developed a 3-day training course on biosafety standards. CDC is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and directing response resources based on changing epidemiology, response requirements, and opportunities to learn more about the virus. Additionally, global COVID-19 response funding may be allocated to address gaps and needs in field operations, as they continue to become apparent.
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