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Are Veggie Chips or Straws Healthier Than Potato Chips?
If you’re trying to sneak more vegetables into your—or your kid’s—diet, swapping regular potato chips for veggie chips or sticks may seem like a healthy substitution. “Often veggie chips and straws contain potato starch [or] potato flour as their primary ingredients, and you may see powdered spinach, for example, towards the end of the ingredient list—meaning many of these veggie chips are really quite similar to potato chips,” says Caroline Meehan, a registered dietitian and nutritionist at the University of Maryland Medical Center. While cutting these additives is a good thing, many traditional potato chips and other unhealthy snack foods can make similar claims. And all these visual and textual cues, coupled with the word “veggie,” can hoodwink consumers into thinking veggie chips and straws are healthy. But while veggie chips and straws aren’t healthy, those made with actual vegetables (and not potato starch) may still be an upgrade over old-school chips.
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