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8 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool
Once blended with the sake and lime juice and topped off with sparkling water, it will be one of the most revitalizing drinks you’ll slurp up all season. Start by blending up a semi-homemade strawberry lemonade, then stir in sparkling water and fresh mint leaves to add even more cool, celebratory vibes. Instead of a bottle of white wine, trade in an equal amount of sparkling white grape juice. It’s the ideal fix if you’re craving Italian soda, white wine and green tea all at once! We’re fond of fruit pairings like:Apple juice + Lime slicesGrape juice + BlackberriesCranberry juice + CherriesOrange juice + Papaya cubesMango MimosasBeautify your brunch with a platter of pretty prosecco mimosas.
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